Written on 17-June-2012. Fathers day

A feeling which is so hollow and so much painful. It keeps on coming as a blow again and again.
Yet a feeling of happiness is trying to prevail around saying "Happy Father`s Day".
            Today is my first father`s day and I am the one wanting desperately to be wished.But i cant wish my own father. I lost him this year. I became father and lost my own father.I am not aware about the role destiny plays or what is the hidden agenda but still the life follows the flow of the river called destiny.
I have a feeling sometimes, a strong feeling that I have my father around and he`s always with me but still we cant approach each other. I want to cry loud, so loud that he can listen to it.
May be there`s something that can make this illusionary life go away and i can see the reality beyond the covers of life. 
   Wherever his soul may be, I want to wish for the FIRST time with a real heart that HAPPY FATHER`S DAY DAD and want to listen the "same to you " from you too.


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