Give up your LPG Subsidy

#GiveItUp LPG Subsidy 

#GiveItUp the twitter handle to give up your LPG subsidy has a lot of thinking responses filled with links, articles and responses of some high thinkers stating it debatable to give up subsidy.

Actually, all these ppl who are against giving up LPG subsidy are also not wrong in there own way. As they want the subsidies being given away, actually AWAY, to the MLAs, MPs especially in there canteen  needs to be Stopped right away and than these people will  also opt for giving away there subsidy. A similar article given below for reference:-

On the contrary to this reasoning & belief there are many, and i mean MANY, who have given away there LPG subsidy already. As per the recent news, it is said that almost 30 million people have given away there LPG subsidy, with many more are believed to follow the same.  And our country has already saved around 473 Crore Rupees this year from the subsidy which would have gone to the people who actually might not be needing it.
There are many people who want to do good for there fellow citizens and there country, but such people didn`t & don`t know any way or are so busy that they are unable to follow any way of contributing to nation`s prosperity voluntarily and such people will do good, if they are given a chance. And they will do good, no matter which govt. is there, be it BJP, Congress or anyone else. Such volunteers just want there nation to do good and citizens to have food. Such people are trying to look towards the brighter side and thus giving up there subsidy. I am proud to say, that i did the same and URGE and REQUEST you to do the same.

You are not going to give up your subsidy for Modi ji, Sonia Ji or Manmohan singh ji, You are going to do it for someone who didnt had the money to buy LPG. May be this subsidy money can be used for some better purpose some day.
Lets support a good cause and thought, even if it comes from someone you might or might not like.
For Bollywood lovers, Amitabh bachchan has given up his subsidy yesterday, so Many more to follow. Lets #GiveItUp. Follow the goodness and dont wait for others to #YouDoItFirst

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