Chandigarh:- Modi Ji is going to visit chandigarh on 11-Sep, And i could see a lot of movement happening in Govt. Machinery. I could observe an aircraft hovering on our heads since last few days for security.Clean roads being cleaned again, and roads with potholes being repaired. WoW! am happy to see so much work happening at such a great pace on one side. But on the other side am feeling so small in my own existence. As if we normal, common men are no body to this disabled system.

I am a strange kind of a person, i should be happy to see things happening for good, But i am strange, because i am feeling so small about my existence in this system. I am praying to god, that i should not fall sick tomorrow, as the normal route and roads will not be available for any Ambulance. As the roads and routes are blocked for the PM. I wonder, isnt it the same feeling, our ancestors might have been getting during Mughals or other Kings rule. Why are we having such a colonial mindset.
If this is a normal practice to use the exchequer`s money, than certainly, we all are not normal who pay tax. 3-4 % ppl who pay tax in this country must stop paying taxes for such colonial governance.

Earlier On 8 Jan,14 Heights of SYCOPHANCY was achieved by a few BJP workers who used the Bricks with MODI written on it, for foundation laying ceremony of a community center.

We must stop this unnecessary worshipping attitude. The onus of stopping such sycophancy and halting every other thing for a Prime Minister`s visit, lies with the Prime Minister Himself and i believe that our Prime Minister is a very sensible man and will definitely try and minimize the disturbance caused by his visit in future.

P.S:- Children are very happy and welcoming the PM, as all the institutions have declared a public holiday for PMs visit.

Link for bhakts, pls spare me (

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