LOVE JIHAD..... New Fasaad.


Love Jihad! WTF, Are we ppl obssessed with sectarian politics. Politicians want votebank and they do whatever they want. And with the advent of saffron brigade and developmental politics. This new terminology has also come up.

I searched the threads and wikipedia for the meaning and other relevant material on this. Than i discovered that i am an idiot, to do any research on this thing. And i am sure many of you are of the same nature. And to my amusement i found many threads discussing so passionately about this thing. In few threads and comments, as usual Hindus Vs Muslims by a few super literate internet subscribers was going on. 

For this i would like to congratulate the person who devised this term, including the kerala CM`s, a few groups in karnataka and other parts as well. Good part is that india is actually going global by coining such terms, as it has already spread to UK and other countries as well.
A hindu smiti says 30,000 girls got converted in karnataka alone. To this i would say LOLZ.

Amidst all this, i would like to explore my grey matter while debating and polarising the issue and let u know what i feel about this. I think this term has taken two very basic assumptions while getting manufactured in someone`s shallow head. The person must have assumed that Girls are normally dumb and Boys can lure a girl anytime they want. This is like making of Mission - Patao aur musalman banao. Are these politicians nuts!!!!

If there is an training camp who can train the boys, how to lure a girl and convince her to marry. There would be more branches of such a training school as compared to the arts college, B.Tech colleges in totality in this country. May be the seats will also be sold on a donation. 
This can be very useful as well, as this can help in reducing the heinous acid attacks. As the losers and lovers unable to satisfy there stupidity, can have a special package for them, so that they can enrol and learn to lure there desired girls. Hence, those idiots wont have to buy the acid to attack the innocent girls.Instead they can spoil the life of innocent girls by luring them and than marrying them.

A request to people, not to discuss such topics, as they cant help us get anywhere as a country. Lets have a healthy and prosperous life by thinking about the progress in a gandhian way. Progress for one and for all.

A request for media to stop such news and helping in propaganda of such politically polarizing terms.
Else the dark future might hurt them as well. Dont create something out of nothing.

And finally a request to
the politicians, to please design a new method to woo your voters. As the young facebook generation is not at all going to vote for you just with these rubbish terms. So, work hard FOR the people and not against the people, for sustainability.


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